Cloud Telephony Auto Dialer

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Cloud Telephony Auto Dialer

An auto dialer software system will allow the user to manage the number of simultaneous calls, or queue up any number of outgoing calls in advance so they can be answered at their convenience.

Detailed reports

Keep a close tab on the performance of your business phone system with daily and weekly call reports.

Call Recording

Auto Dialer enables you to track all conversations with Call Recording.  The recordings can be used later for quality and training purposes.

Location Tracking

E-Sutra auto dialer system provides you with live tracking of your agents’ location.

Lead Generation

Phone calls are still a very effective channel for generating leads in B2B and B2C scenarios. Dialers can help improve the entire lead generation process.

Lead Retention

In the case of inbound leads, the shorter the response time, the better the conversion rate.  A dialer software helps you quickly enable and nurture leads.


Getting customer feedback is important for growth and superior customer experience.  It has been proven that feedback calls get better answers than emails and SMS.

Everything in Auto Dialer

An auto dialer is a telephone call distributor used for telemarketing, appointment setting, polling and political campaigning. It is also known as an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) or predictive dialer.

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Strategical Auto Dialer

 The term auto dialer is also often used interchangeably with the terms predictive dialer and automated dialing system (ADS). These are all generic terms that refer to any device that automatically generates phone calls according to a predetermined set of criteria.

Benefits of Auto Dialer

Not every user needs to dial the contact number manually. Auto Dialer dials, while your agent can only focus on talking and increase customers.

Manual outbound calls to a variety of number of users each day a lots of error. To avoid this problem, the customer’s contact file can be imported into your auto dialer system.

An auto dialer software helps send surveys to a lot of people.  It can be integrated with your CRM for seamless results.

Get to know how many agents made the most calls from E-Sutra’s detailed reporting.

How Auto Dialer gives boost to your business?

Manual outbound calling is time consuming for a large number of customers.  An automatic outbound dialer ensures a smooth and scalable outbound calling process.

An auto dialer significantly increases a company’s sales because it can make more calls than a human agent at the same time, and can also make parallel calls.  Therefore, resulting in higher sales.

Auto Dialer software helps reduce manpower by significantly increasing the productivity of the agent, thus enabling companies to achieve more with less resources.

Using an automated dialer software, businesses can generate and convert more leads, resulting in higher revenue.

Why Auto Dialer is important for your business?

Auto dialers play an important role in the communication industry. They are used in call centers, telemarketing firms and many other communication establishments.

With the help from auto dialer software, businesses can automate their call centre operations by reducing the need for third-party support.

The cloud-based auto dialer system is a perfect solution for a company looking to automate their telemarketing process while saving costs and time.

These systems use intelligent algorithms which can be customized according to your need, thereby optimizing the workload and reducing human error.


The auto dialer is a type of software for automating a phone call by a multi-line phone system.

An auto dialer is an important solution for call centers and contact centers. It can be used to make outgoing calls, while simultaneously monitoring incoming calls.

Auto dialers offer a cost-effective way to handle inbound calls and generate more business opportunities. They can improve your marketing campaigns and sales, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Cloud based auto dialer services can provide you with a great variety of features that may not be available with traditional solutions. For instance, the software can automatically detect your company’s IP address so you don’t have to manually enter it each time you want to use the service. It also provides different plans for any size company so you can always find one that suits your needs

In this automated calling era, it is essential to have a software that helps you to manage these calls. There are many providers today who offer very good solutions for automatic dialer systems and call centers.